Adresas: Laukininkų g. 56, Klaipėda
Pašto kodas: LT-95154
Telefonas: (8 46) 323515
Elektroninis paštas: dviejugaideliu@gmail.com
Juridinio asmens kodas: 190419643
Teisinė forma: Biudžetinė įstaiga
Priklausomybė: Savivaldybės
Pagrindinis tipas: Lopšeliai-darželiai
Įstaigos darbo laikas: I-V 7.30-18.00 val.

Bad karma: we can't find that page!

You asked for https://dugaideliai.darz.lt/index.php/strukt%EF%BF%BD%EF%BF%BDra-ir-kontaktai/module-positions, but despite our computers looking very hard, we could not find it. What happened ?

  • the link you clicked to arrive here has a typo in it
  • or somehow we removed that page, or gave it another name
  • or, quite unlikely for sure, maybe you typed it yourself and there was a little mistake ?

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